Good Violin Posture

An Example of Good Violin Posture

This is Bring, one of the students at a camp/workshop in Pattaya. This shows the most commonly accepted violin posture, and there are of course variations. Also, with the down-panning camera angle, the position of the violin in line with the knee might be a little skewed. Still, I trust the major ideas are there.


One response

11 10 2012

Love your blog Andrew, and particularly your 3 min thesis. Regarding violin position: ‘nose – bridge- strings- scroll’ and ‘bridge – elbow – toe’ …imagine a drop of water on the end of your elbow landing on your toe. These are general guidelines I have taught/followed in the past. ‘Pinky perched’ (little finger curled on the bow) is another of my guidelines. Nothing is set in concrete though is it? Thanks for your blog.

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